What Dogs Have in Common with People?

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Have you been surprised lately when your dog was sad seeing you in tears?
Have you thought that it is impossible that dogs know how you feel and how to comfort you? You will probably be more surprised when I will tell you that your dog not only does feel empathy and sadness but also has memories, moods, and social connections. Those animals are absolutely amazing and they have more in common with people than you would have ever expected.

1. Unique Personality

Dogs can have completely different personalities, just like humans. Very often people think that every dog’s behavior has to do with the breed. It is true in some way, however, the most important factor is the character and personality.
On the one hand, you can have a Labrador who is a peaceful angel and loves everybody. But on the other, your friend, who own the same breed, will have a problem with aggressive Labrador who doesn’t like tall men, women or children.  
It is significant to sacrifice your dog as much time as you can in order to socialize him with other animals and with people. Also, to develop his behavioral skills and personality.

2. Feelings and Emotions

Portrait set of an adorable chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy

Dogs feel the majority of our emotions. Sadness, happiness, love, fear, joy, sorrow, and many more are present in the dog’s life too. Have you ever seen a dog who feels sad because the owner went to work? Isn’t just amazing how full of joy he becomes again when his human backs home? Dogs don’t like to be left alone. They need to feel safe, loved and they need to feel that someone is caring for them.

What is more, dogs have mood swings, and they can be jealous when you hug another dog! That’s why, make sure that your dog feels that he is very important to you, that you love him and that you care about him. 

3. Social Interactions

Nice girl toddler on the floor with dogo Argentino

Does your dog have an animal friend? A cat, a dog or even a hamster? Don’t laugh! It is possible to make a friend even with a duck. In general, dogs love social interactions. Obviously, not everyone, but they need people and other animals to feel happy and fulfilled. Dogs are like humans – they choose their best friend, with whom they want to play and have fun just like we are choosing our friends. If your dog doesn’t like a particular type of animal, you will notice it very quickly. He will become nervous, anxious and angry around it.

Dogs can also read facial expressions. They see when you laugh, cry, they see your angry face. When the dog lives in a toxic family where people argue and scream, he will also become very nervous, anxious and even aggressive.

4. Needs

Woman hugging her dog friendly pet closeup big dog,happiness and friendship. pet and woman.

Dogs have basic needs, which is obviously food, water, and sleep. However, there are many more we have to fulfill. You have probably heard those stories about a homeless, sad, and miserable dog who had changed completely after the adoption. The reason is simple. The new owner gave him what he missed the most: love, attention, happiness, and warmth.
The dog finally became important, safe, comforted and looked after. As humans, we also need to live in a safe place, to be surrounded by people who love us, and to feel valued in order to lead happy life. 

5. They Love Having fun

Dogs don’t like to get bored. On the contrary, they prefer to always have something to do. Busy like bees? Maybe! But it’s our responsibility to give them the opportunities to play and have fun. Firstly, buy special toys for your furry friend. It is a good tool when the dog stays alone at the house. Secondly, take the dog for a walk at least 3 times a day and most importantly, let him run freely for at least an hour daily! Our dogs have a lot of energy and if they cannot release it, they start to become miserable and anxious. Running in the fields or next to the seaside is the best gift we can give the dog. 

6. Love

Woman hugging her dog friendly pet closeup big dog,happiness and friendship. pet and woman.

Love is the most important aspect of life. It can heal the majority of difficult experiences and it can heal the traumatic past. If you own a dog who has been adopted from the shelter, you know what I mean. Let’s be honest. Life in the dog’s shelter is not easy. Very often there is only one carer for several dogs. And they all need his or her full attention which is impossible!
That is the reason why those dogs feel lonely and abandoned. Because they need this one special person, their beloved human.

If you show the dog love and feelings, he will also love you till the end. 

Read more about adopting a dog here.

6. The eyes

Adorable chocolate Labrador Retriever portrait

By the eyes I mean those sweet, innocent puppy dogs eyes. We can observe them when our dog destroyed something in the house and he shows his guilt. He is extremely sorry for what has just happened and he is using these puppy dogs eyes to show you this. Immediately, our hearts melt. Dogs know how people react on this trick and they use it very often. How can you be mad at the dog with such innocence? 


If you wonder sometimes whether your dog has similar emotions and interactions as you, the answer is yes, he has. People not only do have to respect it but also make the dog’s life easier. Always give your dog opportunities to develop his social skills.

Do not be angry at your dog because he feels sad or anxious. Show him that you love him and care about him. Fulfill his needs and respect him.
Remember that your dog is the happiest when you are around. Especially when you walk with him outside on a sunny day, when the weather is beautiful and you both are having fun. That is so simple just like a dog’s life! 

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