Everything You Need To Know About Lyme Disease

Ticks not only cause irritation to your pet; these parasites can also transmit dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease. It is an infectious tick-transmitted disease caused by Borrelia bacteria. A dog can get infected with Lyme Disease through the bite of an infected tick. The most common carriers of Lyme Disease are black-legged ticks. If not treated, this disease can prove to be fatal. Therefore, always ensure your dog stays protected from fleas and ticks. Let’s know more about more Lyme Disease and how you can protect your pet from it.

Signs And Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

The severity of symptoms varies from pet to pet. Some dogs may get mild symptoms while others can have severe symptoms. Moreover, these symptoms don’t appear as soon as the dog gets bitten by a tick. It can take weeks to months for the dog to show any symptoms of Lyme Disease. Below are the main symptoms of Lyme Disease.

⦁ Fever
⦁ Lethargic behavior
⦁ Reduced appetite
⦁ Inflammation in joints
⦁ Joint pain
⦁ Fatigue

Remember, these symptoms can be of any underlying health issue so ensure to pay a visit to your vet for an accurate diagnosis. Don’t attempt to diagnose it at home as the symptoms are very common. However, if left untreated, Lyme Disease can prove to be fatal. The infection affects the kidney, nervous system, and heart, eventually deteriorating the pet’s health. Therefore, don’t spare any time when it comes to diagnosis!

Treatment of Lyme Disease

Usually, the treatment involves antibiotics and plenty of rest. The key to getting treated is early diagnosis, as it can help reduce the symptoms easily. Pets with severe infection may need more than one dose of treatment and might have to live with chronic illness.

Which Pets Are At The Risk?

Generally, pets that love wandering in gardens or in your backyard are more likely to get infected. These ticks hide in the bushes, grass, and wooded areas, and latch onto dogs the first chance they get. So, you must be aware of the level of flea infestation in your area to act accordingly.

How to Prevent Lyme Disease?

⦁ The first and foremost requirement is administering monthly flea and tick preventatives. These treatments provide complete protection from those nasty parasites and keep your buddy in good health.
⦁ For high effectiveness, ensure you don’t miss a single dose. Otherwise, it can lose its efficacy and parasites can easily attack your doggo.
⦁ Moreover, these treatments should be given irrespective of the weather. Those resilient ticks can survive even the harshest of winters by finding a humid place to hide!

If you’re a pet parent, we advise you to take your pet to the vet on a regular basis, especially if you live in a heavily infested area. Moreover, when shopping for tick and flea treatments, make sure that you pick the one best suited for your pet. Simparica Trio is an excellent treatment for eliminating fleas and ticks. In addition, this treatment is also effective against the Black-legged Tick (also known as the deer tick) that is responsible for transmitting Lyme Disease. Visit for a wide range of preventive treatments at discounted prices and free shipping!

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