Purina Dog Food Review

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Purina LogoThe right nutrition for your pets is as important as the right kind of food for you. In this regard, Purina is one of the premium pet food makers in the market. In the business for over 80 years, pet food is one of their primary passion. But they are not only invested in creating nutritious pet food. On the contrary, they are also partners in food welfare.

Purina follows a ‘dogs first’ nutritional philosophy, developing their products with top-edge knowledge of and expertise in the pet industry. It’s unarguably evident that they hold themselves to higher standards, always aiming at ensuring their customers are totally satisfied.

Their foods are commonly regarded to as the perfect example of the best one can get from nature. You can be totally confident that each of their recipes is carefully and flawlessly formulated to provide the complete, balanced nutrition your canine companion(s) requires.

Early history

It was founded in 1894 by William Danforth in partnership with George Robinson and William Andrews. It was known as Robinson-Danforth Commission Company and was in the business of feeding farm animals. Eventually, in 1902, the name was changed to Ralston Purina.

1933 was a marquee year for the company, where the dogs on Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Antarctic expedition ate the Purina dog food and managed to remain healthy in the harsh Antarctic climate.

Gradually Purina started spreading its wings across a wide range of pet food products for dogs and cats. They were the first to highlight that puppies required additional protein and nutrition and introduced special Puppy Chow.

Innovation has been the heart of their progress chart. They were one of the first pet food makers to use real meat in pet food and many such new
trends. They were instrumental in using molecular level understanding to dog food. This was seen as a particularly effective strategy for treating arthritis in dogs. Finally, Ralston sold the animal feed business to make sure Purina became a sole pet food enterprise.

This is exactly the point where the company transformed its passion for pets from being a mere food manufacturer to a comprehensive pet care
institution. They are known for their 14-year study on the right nutrition for dogs and how to extend their life span.

Nestle acquired the company in 2001 and helped them expand their presence on a global platform. Nestle facilitated the availability of their innovative product line-up to countries world over for a sustained period.

Currently, Purina has over $10,000,000 investment in pet welfare globally. They took their innovation to new heights by coming up with personalised dog food in 2014. They used the dog owner’s in depth knowledge about their pet and used it to create pet food. This helped them in making not just nutritious dog food but extremely palatable variants as well. Dog owners could now have it delivered right at their door
step without any further hassle whatsoever.

The variety of dog food that they manufacture can be broadly divided into following categories.

Dry food

These are innovative dry dog food composition that has a variety of meat and vegetables combined to provide the maximum possible nutrition to your pet. Of course, there are subtle variations and differences depending on the breed and size of the dog. Age too plays a crucial role in determining the most nutritious diet for your pet

Wet food

This is again a unique food mix variant that aims to provide maximum nutrition to your pets. There are many variations depending on the kind of nutrition your pet needs. The idea of the wet dog food is to provide maximum nutrition in as natural a form as possible. This helps in better digestion of the food and absorption of nutrition.

Food for puppies

As the name indicates, this is the kind of food that addresses the unique needs of a puppy. They have unique protein and nutritional requirements and this one meet all of that and more. Irrespective of your budget, this is one of the brands that can provide the most meaningful nutrition for your precious puppy. They have different variants for different age groups and puppy breeds. This unique customization makes sure that every puppy gets the best possible nutrition.

Senior Dog Food

As the name indicates this is food designed specifically for older dogs. Available in a wide range of budget, this type of food is designed to provide maximum benefit and nutrition to your dog.

Healthy Weight Dog Food

This is the kind of nutrition that helps your dog maintain a healthy weight. Just like humans, it is neither good for your dog to be obese or too lean. This is a unique mix of nutritional elements that help your dog maintain ideal body weight.


Whether adult or old, human or dogs, we all need treats at certain points. But the problem is what if the treatment is harmful or causes more damage than good? But not anymore. With this company, you can confidently provide safe and rewarding snacks to your pets.

Natural dog food

Every breed of dog has unique nutritional needs. Depending on their life size, breeds, age and other factors, there is a perceptible difference in the kind of food that they might need. This is addressed beautifully by the unique solutions provided by the company.

The Big Brands

Purina sells the various dog food compositions it creates under different brand names. Each of these dog food brands has something unique to offer. They have various components of different nutrients to provide energy and health to your pet. It also reflects the distinct innovation that this dog food maker has been incorporating in their products. The idea is to provide maximum nutrition at an affordable budget. These include:

  • Alpo
  • Beggin’
  • Bella
  • Beneful
  • Beyond
  • Busy
  • Frosty paws
  • Just right
  • Mighty dog
  • Moist and meaty
  • Dog chow
  • Pro plan
  • Pro plan veterinary diets
  • Purina one
  • Second nature dog litter
  • Waggin
  •  Train

Pets for People

Their commitment to pets led to the formation of the organisation, pets for people. Today it is a buzzing and active network of close 6000 pet care
units across the country. They even went on to create pets for seniors with over 150 centres. These centres helped senior citizens adopt pets at a
relatively reduced cost.

They even went on to create the country’s first canine reference family, DNA distribution centre and associated with top notch analysts who are
working on mapping various aspects of the canine genome.


Yes, it could be somewhat true. When compared to dogs’ foods from other competitors, most of this brand’s dog foods might be a little costlier. But, you’re certain to find an option which will fit your budget.

And, you can be confident that you’ll get worthwhile value for your cash. It’s time that you find out why the brand gets to maintain and broaden their loyal customer base, notwithstanding the fact that most of their pet foods seem a little costly.


Overall, Purina is one of the most popular dog food makers globally. Though part of the bigger Nestle group, they have carved out a unique position for them. Given their superior understanding of the needs of your pet, they have been able to plan diets that can provide your dogs with maximum nutrition. At the same time, they have tried to keep it as natural and as close to the dog’s natural food habits as possible.

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