Best Acana Dog Food Reviewed (With Ingredients List)

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Introduction About Acana Dog Food

Acana logoHe has the name you chose for him, he is the one who waits for you desperately while you’re not home. Well, sometimes when we are roaming with him he represents your status in the society.

He’s one of your family members & He loves food! He’s not only your friend but your protector. He’s fond of you and never argues you logic!

Well, definitely we are referring to none other than your lovely Dog here. Whether you bought him as a puppy or you got him in his adulthood, your Dog is one of the most special members of your family.

Being that special, his food must be special too! Acana has got it for you! Let it be the cutie beagle you own or a classy golden retriever, Acana dog food has it in store for him.

Even if you own the German shepherd or the Doberman you don’t have to worry, Acana’s special puppy large breed food will suffice their all needs as these are very workaholic ones &you must keep their tummy filled.

walking the dog in the foresWhen it comes to the dog food, meat and protein are one of the basic ingredients for their growth, but the fact is they also need full nutrients in order for their healthy growth &the daily activity list.

At Acana, our well-versed dieticians have taken great efforts to prepare the best recipes of dog food. The experts have come up with a range of foods suitable for various categories of dogs.

They have defined the category so well that when you are buying you can get exactly what your dog needs. The fascinating thing about Acana dog food is that it is 100% made from locally sourced ingredients & it is prepared to suit your dog biologically.

The local food sourcing benefits Acana to receive the ingredients Fresh Each Day! With such fresh food & biologically correct diet we are sure you will the product & your pup will love the food too!

With our knowledge & award winning North Star Kitchens, while preparing the foods we receive our lamb, beef, pork & bison fresh each day, thereby making them preservative free maintaining their natural taste.

So let it be a junior pup, let it be a large breed protector dog or be it a small breed, the Acana dog food has the whole range of it and we have it covered for you. Here’s the overview of the Acana’s key unique selling points as follows.

Biologically appropriate

young dalmatian runningOur all domestic dogs today are the descendants of the grey wolf, being said so their food habits & requirements are pretty much the same as they were earlier. Hence their diet should be reached in natural ingredients & not the chemically produced synthetic ingredients.

The biologically appropriate concept is just the same, it ensures the freshness of the food while maintaining the fact that it does not contain synthetic additives, high-glycemic carbohydrates & other unwanted chemical additives.

Fresh Regional Ingredient

dry dog food from AcanaWhile they say fresh they deliver the promise by sourcing & growing the food regionally. The poultry is cage-free; Eggs are fresh nest-laid & freshly caught fish. Even the fruits & vegetables that are used are raised locally.

The best thing is that all of these ingredients are passed successfully & are fit for even human consumption.
Arcana processes the food with their state of the art fresh food processing technology; their kitchens located in Alberta’s center are award-winning North Star kitchens. They always ensure that their Fresh ingredients are successfully meeting the AAFCO Standard.

Never Outsourced

With the passion for making one of the best dog foods; the Acana kitchen makes & markets its own food. They do not in any situation outsource or get their product made outside the company-owned kitchen. As they receive their ingredients from the local company approved farmers, fishermen & ranchers, they test it after receiving for being sure that it’s as per their defined standards.

two dogs waiting for foodThis is why their food packages always say “Made by” or “Produced By” and not “made for” or “Produced For”, they do not give anyone the license to produce their food. Their Award-winning North Star kitchen hosts some of the best chefs to produce the fresh, correct &safe home-cooked meal for your dogs.

At Acana, they have studied and gone back to the origins of the food that wild dog breeds used to consume & from there the company has found the secrets to prepare the right food for the right breed.

It is a quiet lesser known fact that the food for dogs should be different for different breed & the age of the dog matters too. You cannot feed the same food for full grown Doberman to the new cute Maltese puppy. Both have different energy levels and nutrition requirements.

Hence the company has researched & has come up with a complete range of foods for your dog that will give them the complete nutrition for their healthy growth requirement. Acana has basically two types of product ranges to offer from:

1. Acana Heritage

watching the sunset

The heritage range of products from the company is being manufactured in their Kitchens situated in Alberta, Canada since 1985.

The products are manufactured here in their biologically appropriate way with locally sourced fresh ingredients. This product range includes:

  • Puppy and junior – specifically designed for puppies weighing between 9kg to 25 kg at their maturity level. It is free of fast carbohydrates such as rice and potato and it is free of grains. Puppy & Junior is rich in meat proteins required for your pups peak development and conditioning
  • Puppy large breed – food for puppies weighing more than 25 kgs at their maturity age. It includes breeds like great dane, doberman and german shepherd. This diet will be best for their Muscle Growth and you will see the difference
  • Adult small breed – small breed dogs who are older than 1-year. Mainly made for dogs like popular chihuahuas, pugs and yorkshire terrier. This food also includes some amounts of fruits and vegetables in combination with the meat to keep the dog sufficed of all nutrients
  • Adult large breed – for adult dogs who weigh over 25 kg. The food is rich in free Run-Chicken & wild caught-flounder so your old buddy receives what he exactly needs
  • Light and fit – for older dogs who are 1 year and above. This helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and keeps the food free of glycemic ingredients
  • Cobb chicken and greens – this food is suitable for all breeds and at all stages of your dog’s life. The food is very helpful when your dog needs a little bit extra of free-run Cobb chicken or vegetarian nutrients

The second product line from Acana is great & is basically for the diet-sensitive dogs. This is suitable for all breeds and at all stages of your dog’s lifecycle.

The Acana Singles is full of meat. It comes in varieties of Ontario duck, Alberta pork, New Zealand Lamb and Vancouver Island pilchard. These meals help to reduce the requirement of synthetic vitamins and amino acids.

2. Acana Singles

  • Acana SinglesGrass-fed lambs – for all life stages and for all breeds. Food contains the 50% lamb, which is easily digestible single animal protein. It contains fresh fruits like apple, pumpkin and squash, which are rich sources of fiber to help the digestion
  • Free-run duck – for all life stages and for all breeds. The food contains the 50% duck, which is easily digestible single animal protein. Fresh fruits like Bartlett pear, pumpkin & squash are rich sources of fiber helps to improve the digestion of your dog.

With all such variety of products available with natures freshness & locally sourced ingredients why to go somewhere else!

Acana has the Award-winning NorthStar kitchens all ready to prepare your dog’s favorite food! So happy meal to all the pups out there!

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