Canidae Dog Food Review

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Proper feeding is critical aspect of keeping man’s best friend satisfied, healthy and happy. However, in order to achieve this, you need to buy your dog’s food from reputable companies that guarantee delicious and nutritious food that is safe for your pet.

Good news is that you can find well-established companies that are renowned for supplying some of the best quality dog foods and treats. Very good example is a popular brand called Canidae.


If you want to nourish your dog with quality foods and treats, you need to look no further than Canidae. These are renowned manufacturers of superior pet food products that are made using diverse fresh and very nutritious ingredients.

The company owns a vast areas of land where they grow and farm fresh, quality and wholesome ingredients that are critical for your dog’s nutrition, health and growth needs. Furthermore, their products are normally produced in clean ultra-modern facilities by experts with a lot of experience in the industry. Some of the unique products they offer include:

1. Canidae Dry Dog Food

a) Under-The-Sun, Grain-Free Adult Dog Food (With Lamb)

Made of the high-protein lamb meal, this meal has a great taste that your canine will find quite appealing. Its recipe is comprised of a range of farm-raised animal protein and a variety of farm-fresh fruits and veggies such as blue berries and butternut squash.

Furthermore, this recipe does not contain wheat, soy, corn or any chicken by-product meal. It normally comes in either 4, 12, 25 or 40 lb bags, hence you can always find a package size that will suit your budget. If you would like to reward your canine with a tasty and nutritious food, this product will be the best.

b) Grain-Free PURE Land Dry Formula (with Fresh Bison)

Using simple recipes for the sensitive dogs, this product is ideal for those dogs that experience food sensitivities, and since it has lesser ingredients, your dog will be prone to lesser chances of sensitive reactions. Besides being tasty, it also contains different minerals and vitamins that your dog needs.

You can choose from a range of formulas which are made with either fresh meat or fish that may be paired with different whole ingredients. Furthermore, it normally comes in 4, 12 or 24 lb bags to suit your budgetary needs. If you would like to feed your loyal friend with a nutritious and tasty meal they are always craving for, this product will no doubt be one of the best.

c) The All-Life-Stages Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish Meals Formula

Specifically formulated for dogs of different breeds, sizes and ages, this product can make a great meal for your pets easier even with a single bag. Being tasty and full of proteins, the nutritionally dense formulas will keep your dog satisfied, and happy.

Some of the premium ingredients that are contained in this particular food include: quality meat, fish, peas, rice and a wide range of many other healthy ingredients.

2. Canidae Wet Dog Food

The experts have also specialized in a range of nutritious and delicious wet dog foods, some of which include;

a) Grain-Free PURE Petite Small-Breed Dog Food

It is the Bolognese style dinner that is minced with Beef and Carrots. This product is designed for smaller dogs and it is delicious dish with simple and limited ingredients that are suitable for small dogs with sensitive stomach. This professionally-prepared dish is able to offer your dog premium nutrition while satisfying its wildest craving for delicious foods.

It features a wide range of ingredients that are needed for the growth and maintenance of your pampered canine. Main ingredients include: chicken, chicken livers, beef, beef broth, dried egg whites, dried peas, carrots, salt, natural flavor, and a range of other minerals that your dog requires.

b) Under-The-Sun Grain-Free Puppy Wet-Food Chicken Formula

This wet food formula comprises of delicious chicken that your puppy will love eating. The product also features a range of wholesome fruits as well as veggies and it is uniquely prepared to suit both the taste and nutritional needs of your dog.

Some of the ingredients that are used to prepare the delicacy include: water, chicken, chicken livers, sweet potatoes, peas, salmon oil, cassia gum, and it contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are critical for your dog’s development and well-being.

c) All-Life-Stages Chicken, Lamb and Fish Formula

This is a vet-formulated product that makes the feeding of different dogs easier and much cheaper. Made using premium ingredients for optimal nutrition and taste, a single can of this food is able to feed different sizes, breeds and ages of dogs.

Some of its ingredients comprise of quality meat, fish, brown rice, and peas, among other healthy ingredients. Moreover, its ingredients are usually slow-cooked in broth hence giving it a great taste and nutritious value. If you are looking for something that your pet will love you for, this product is a no-brainer.

3. Treats

Besides the previous types, experts from Canidae are also specialized in manufacturing nutritious and extremely tasty treats that your canine will absolutely cherish. These range from:

a) The Grain-Free PURE Heaven Biscuits

This product is very popular and comes with salmon and sweet potato. They are uniquely formulated to achieve a great taste with an unmatched healthy reward. We are talking about deliciously nutritious grain-free biscuits that come in a range of flavors and feature limited ingredients that are quite easy to recognize.

They are very tasty treats that snap in half with ease and you can either use them to treat your pet or as a training reward. Moreover, they are also known to help in cleaning the dog’s teeth and freshening their breath.

b) All-Life-Stages Bakery Snacks

This delicious meal comes with lamb, wild rice and sweet potato. These are oven-baked biscuits that are comprised of seven key ingredients for an irresistible taste and exceptional nutritional value. They are designed to break into half with ease, hence making training much easier for dogs of different sizes, breeds and stages. Moreover, their crunchy texture is known to help in cleaning the dog’s teeth.

In a nut shell, these experts are known to supply a wide range of delicious, and nutritious dog foods that suit just about any dog. Furthermore, their products are usually prepared by knowledgeable dog-good experts that understand the nutritional needs of dogs at different stages of life. There are also made in clean ultra-modern facilities that fit internationally recognized standards. If you are searching for the best quality, nutritious and tasty dog food for your canine, Canidae is the company that will be at your service any time.

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