Best Orijen Dog Food Review 2019 – Ingredients & Main Benefits!

If you are an owner of a pet and a dog to be specific, you will no doubt want to keep the canine well-nourished, satisfied and happy. However, you can only achieve this by feeding them with the best quality food. Such food should be sourced from reputable suppliers who produce safe, healthy and nutritious pet food, and that is where Orijen comes in.

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These are suppliers of superior quality pet foods that are designed to nourish both cats and dogs as per their evolutionary adaptations. Their products are diet-rich and quite diverse in fresh meat as well as protein.

If you want to purchase great quality and professionally prepared food for your dog, Orijen will be able to help you out. They deal in unique types of foods that feature unmatched inclusions of; ranch-raised meats, whole wild-caught fish, fresh free-run poultry as well as nest-laid eggs. Trusted by so many pet lovers, the award-winning company offers a wide range of foods and treats that will keep your cherished dog strong, healthy and happy.

Types Of Orijen Dog Food

  1. Happy dog on a swingDry Dog Food
    They produce some of the best foods that are able to nourish your dog just as nature intended. Their recipes usually include ingredients that mirror the dog’s evolutionary diet without including vegetable proteins, high-glycemic carbohydrates and other synthetic supplements that are found in conventional dog foods. Some of the dry dog foods they offer include:

    1. Puppy: Biologically appropriate for your puppies, this food is comprised of wild-caught fish, nest-laid eggs as well as turkey and fresh free-run chicken. It features limited low-glycemic carbohydrates and richly nourishing proteins that are either fresh (refrigerated and without any preservatives) or RAW (i.e flash-frozen and without any preservatives). The product is also known to be deliciously tasty and your puppy will no doubt love it.
    2. Puppy Large: Biologically appropriate for the large-breed puppies, this food is comprised of nest-laid eggs, wild-caught fish and free-run chicken as well as turkey. The food is rich in protein for the large breed muscle-mass and also calorie-limited so as to promote healthy weight while reducing stress on the developing joints and bones.
    3. Original: Appropriate for dogs at all life stages, this product is made of free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish as well as nest-laid eggs. The experts understand that all dogs have a biological need for the diet-rich food that features different fresh whole animal ingredients. And that is why they have made this unique type of food that is ideal for dachshunds as well as Great Danes.

    Other types of dry dog foods that are offered at their shops include; the six fish, tundra, regional red senior as well as fit and trim.

  2. Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
    These are amazingly delicious dog delicacies that are made of 100 percent natural meats, poultry as well as fish. All these are gently dried so as to preserve their goodness while offering a unique taste experience that your dog will love. Some of the freeze-dried dogs treats that they offer to include;

    1. Angus Beef Treats
      These single-source treats are made from fresh and regional ranch-raised Angus beef. They are gently freeze-dried and nutritious delicacies that are largely loaded with the Fresh Angus beef that will guarantee your dog the red meat taste that it will love. Their fresh beef usually arrives in very richly nourishing ratios of organs, meat and cartilage, which mirrors nature while providing a natural source of every nutrient that your dog needs.
    2. Romney Lamb Treats
      These are single-source treats that are typically comprised of 100 percent raw or fresh grass-fed Romney lambs. They are gently freeze-dried, nutritious and delicious treats that are full of the savory taste and an aroma that your dog will love. The lamb is delivered while still raw or fresh and then gently freeze-dried at their kitchens without any cooking or adding of preservatives, an aspect that enables it to preserve its natural delicious taste.
    3. Free-Run Duck Treats
      Made with 100-percent free-run Ontario ducks, these single-source treats are gently dried without any cooking or use of preservatives. This makes them nutritious, delicious and with a nice aroma and a delicate taste that will no doubt be loved by your dog. The ingredients for these treats usually arrive in richly nourishing ratios of organs, cartilage and meat that reflect nature, hence providing a natural source for all the nutrients that your dog needs.

    Other freeze-dried dog treats that are offered at these centers include; the regional red, original, six fish, tundra, wild boar as well as the plains bison treats. All of this is designed to give your dog the taste and nutrients it deserves.

  3. Freeze-Dried Foods
    The pet-food experts are also renowned for dealing in some of the best quality freeze-dried dog foods that are biologically appropriate and bursting with natural goodness. These feature an unparalleled diversity of great quality fresh regional meats. Furthermore, their freeze-dried foods also offer a wide range of flavors and the nutritional benefits that are present in raw food. Some of the freeze-dried foods that are offered by these experts include;

    1. The Adult Dog Freeze-Dried Foods
      These are made of free-run turkey and chicken, wild-caught herring as well as flounder. Besides the various fresh whole meats, these products also feature small amounts of grasses, fruits a vegetables for a good digestive health and extra nutritional value. Furthermore, the foods are quite easy to prepare and your dog will find them quite delicious.
    2. Regional Red Freeze-Dried Foods
      Made of heritage pork, wild boar, fresh Angus beef, lamb, herring as well as bison, these products boast of extremely nourishing red meats that reflect the natural diet that your dog is adapted to eat. The nutrients-dense ratios of the fresh meat, organs, as well as cartilage and the fresh whole fish, usually provide a natural source of all the nutrients that a dog needs.
    3. The experts are also known for supplying the best quality tundra freeze-dried foods. The best thing is that all their foods are usually prepared in award-winning by professionals with full knowledge of a dog’s nutritional needs and the preparation is done under the most hygienically conducive environments. Whether you want to purchase the best quality, nutritious and tasty and dry dog foods, freeze-dried dog treats or freeze-dried foods, the dog food experts at Orijen literally have you covered.
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