How Good Is Pedigree Dog Food? Ingredients & Benefits

Pedigree LogoDog food, like a pedigree, provides more energy, nutrition, and stamina for pets. Those who are willing to keep pets in their homes, recommend using a pedigree to give a healthy lifestyle to their pets.

Pedigree is a company that has a history that dates back to 1934. Currently, it is a subsidiary of Mars, which is known for its chocolate and milk drinks. Their experience with food, naturally, is to help the generic dog food reach the best standards in nutrition and hygiene. A pedigree is a hat for dogs, popular in many countries, including India and the USA.

Pedigree is available not only for dogs but also for cats and kittens. It is sold at reasonable prices in an international company located in England and is distributed throughout the world.

Apart from dry as well as canned food items, the brand also includes snacks and treats. Besides these, they likewise claim to produce foods which are intended for weight reduction, joint and hip health and other health issues.

Their foods are divided into several categories depending on the dog’s size (small, medium as well as large breed) and also age (adult, senior and puppy foods). At present, Pedigree happens to be an established brand in the marketplace and is available in the major grocery outlets. Moreover, it is not that expensive and will surely fit individuals with lower budgets.


Below, we talk about the major ingredients which are present in most Pedigree products:

  • Poultry By-Product Meal – Being a meat concentrate this particular product consists of 300% protein which can play a significant role in the development and growth of your puppy.
  • Corn – Although this one is actually a cereal grain, some individuals do not like it since according to them it lacks any nutritional value for the dog. However, the majority of the folks still believe that it is absolutely innocuous to a canine.
  • Animal Fat – A significant amount of fat is contributed by this ingredient which is manufactured by a procedure called rendering. Although it does not have any particular source, it can be obtained from multiple sources such as meat from pig and cow. However, there is still some controversy regarding the nutritional value of this ingredient.
  • Corn Gluten Meal – Having a protein composition of 60%, this ingredient plays a major role in the growth of your canine.
  • Wheat – Although this ingredient has got the same attributes as that of corn, many individuals do not accept it as one that has got nutritional value. According to them, it is ideal for a horse and not for a pooch.
  • Soybean Meal – Almost 49% of protein is contributed by this ingredient that helps in developing the canine’s body.
  • Meat and Bone Meal – This is responsible for supplying a significant amount of protein and calcium to your dog. In fact, it is responsible for the development of the canine’s bones.
  • Brewers Rice – This one is packed with fiber as well as carbohydrates.
  • Chicken By-Product Meal – This fantastic meat concentrate consists of approximately 300% protein and thus it helps your puppy to develop rapidly into a healthy adult dog.

Apart from all the above-mentioned ingredients, you will also come across several others which are essential for the growth of the canine.

Nutritional value

Pedigree is known to offer as much as 21% crude protein which is more than the recommendations of the government (18% for adult canines). Since a significant portion of the protein is derived from corn and other grains, the question arises on exactly what amount of protein is ideal for your dog.

Although there is a lot of protein in bone meal and meat, it can be easily digested by the pooch. In fact, there is only 10% fat in this particular food item which is well within the recommendations of the government for any adult dog.

You cannot guarantee that your pooch is not going to suffer from low vitality after consuming this foodstuff. Furthermore, your pet might be struggling with allergic reactions or immune system issues and in that case, the condition can be aggravated by consuming this food.

Special Concerns

Unfortunately, the ingredients’ quality is not up to the mark and, in fact, it is rather low. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that the ingredients are not much conducive to your pet’s health. This has been asserted by numerous testimonials by the customers who have used the brand in the past.

Apart from all these issues mentioned above, you’ll also find plenty of dyes and colorings in the food. However, your pooch will not require any type of dyed dog food. In fact, he does not have any fascination regarding the attractiveness of his food. These artificial colors are added in order to attract the customers and interestingly, this might prove to be detrimental to the dog’s health in the long run.

Most Popular Products

1. Pedigree Gravy Adult Dog – Chicken in Jelly

Being cent percent balanced and complete, this particular product is obtainable in as many as 5 variations. The good thing is that it provides top-quality ingredients which are needed for maintaining your dog’s health. This can also be added to the regular pet food which your canine will simply adore.

2. Pedigree Professional Starter Mother and Pup

This product is going to satisfy your canine’s special requirements. It is reputed for providing high-quality ingredients which are rich in nutrients.

3. Pedigree Puppy Milk and Vegetable

Pedigree Puppy Milk and Vegetable happens to be a wholesome meal which is full of vital nutrients essential for the development of your pet. Your puppy will simply love the taste of the scrumptious combination of cereals, carrots, peas, soybean, and milk.

4. Pedigree Care and Treats Puppy Denta Tubos

Although dogs are known to chew, they should do so within limit since otherwise, it might spoil their teeth. Pedigree Puppy Denta Tubos can boast of a unique texture as well as a shape which is designed specifically for the development of teeth well as gums.


After going through the reviews of the users, we can come to the conclusion that Pedigree fails to provide the required nutrients for your canine and he will also find it very difficult to digest it. As a matter of fact, a considerable amount of these undigested food items usually end up as poops.

In case you are required to clean your canine’s poops frequently, you may be sure that your pet is suffering from indigestion. It is important to bear in mind that no dog food on the market will be able to replace the one that is prepared at home. Consequently, it would be a smart idea to consult with your pet’s vet and pick the food wisely prior to feeding your dog.

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